Defensive Tactics Training


Current Class Schedule: Mon/Wed 6:15 pm, Tues/Thurs 3:30 pm.

Morning and afternoon classes are available upon request.


This class is designed to teach skills that can work with the laws/rules of various law enforcement, EMS, security, etc. Its not about being aggressive or going "all out" on your opponent. It is taught as an enhancement to what you may already know and giving you opportunities to continue your training and learning. Its always good to learn more and be prepared for the unexpected rather than wish you had. 


"Thanks for a great class demonstrating simple to employ techniques that don't require years of training. " R.H.


"The techniques are very simple to understand, learn and implement,and extremely effective. I've always liked the simplest way of doing things."  M.H.

What people say about our Defensive Tactics Training.

Increase your muscle memory and refine your skills under pressure. Learn the techniques taught to military and law enforcement around the world.

NO experience needed.

Video above: "Pressure Test"

random attacks= 

grabs, pistol, rifle and knives.

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