Adult Personal Safety Seminar


Don't be a victim, be a victor!

Let us teach you how to defend yourself and your loved ones with simple, easy to learn and easy to remember under pressure. Learn the preferred self defense system of the military and many law enforcement agencies. Open to men and women 13 and over.

Call us today for our next seminar 315-699-9898.

Our next Personal Safety class is: Friday, April 28, 2017. 6:15-7:15 pm

Bully Prevention

Please wear something comfortable to move around in and arrive 10-15 prior to class. Under 18 yrs of age must be signed in by parent or guardian. For more information, please contact us at 315-699-9898

What people say about our Personal Safety Classes.


"I'm enrolled already in the school. I loved the women's self defense class it teaches you how to defend yourself. I thought the instructors taught it well they go step by step clearly explaining what the tasks are to get out of a unfortunate situation, I recommend these classes to anyone its really benefitional and trust me you won't forget it !"  MC


"While I may not remember everything in the class, it is helpful to remember a couple things at at time. To at least have some confidence and knowledge to know how to handle yourself makes you feel a little better if put in a situation. The instructor always explains things well and doesn't make you feel silly when you have no idea what you're doing. He is truly right, it is always better to have some knowledge and skill and not need it than to need it and not know anything. Thank you for giving me confidence." H.C.


"I was very impressed with the focus of the class and the personal attention. It was fun and informative. " B.C.


"The techniques are very simple to understand, learn and implement,and extremely effective. I've always liked the simplest way of doing things."  M.H.


"This seminar has built my confidence up. I know I will be able to defend myself when I am in a situation."  K.H.


"I hope that I never need to use any of the techniques that we practiced but I walked away feeling that I could defend myself against an attacker. Thank you for explaining the material so that I felt confident in trying the moves as a person who is only an observant of the martial arts."  J.S.